Bleecker Bob’s: the Mania’s World

By Clara Yang

A vinyl of The Beatles costs up to $850.  Everyone’s a Beatles fan but that’s a price that only manias will pay for.  Likewise, Bleecker Bob’s Golden Oldies located on 118 West 3rd Street is a music world that only true loyal ones appreciate.

The Beatles poster at Bleeker's Bob

The Beatles poster at Bleecker Bob’s

The entire store filled with vinyl records, t-shirts, cd-albums, and posters, Bleecker Bob’s is heaven for vinyl lovers.  Those who collect vinyl records have been walking in and out of the door for the past four decades of Bleecker Bob’s history.

“Wednesday night, there’s a disco guy.  He has more than 1000 records,” said the Assistant Manager Ski, “I have 2500 records in my apartment.”

Ski has been working with Bleecker Bob’s for seven and half years and has been collecting records since his teenage as early as 12 years old.  “I’m here [be]cause I like music, I’m a collector,” said Ski “It’s been a part of my life.”

As manias have been loyal to the vinyl, they are the only ones who financially support the business.  “Back in the days people used to hang out here,” said Ski.  Now, people and tourists will check out the store for a spark of interest but won’t go far enough to actually purchase a record.

Therefore, the store decided to close down when the landowner asked for a rent raise.  With a narrow audience of consumers, a raise of $3000- 8000 was unimaginable for Bleecker Bob’s.  Understanding its small pool of customers, the store is planning on moving to a smaller space with addition of expanding on more online business.


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April 1, 2013 · 8:46 pm

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