Closing Time for Bleecker Bobs

by: Sam Kim


It’s final; a chain FroYo store is replacing Bleecker Bob’s.

For the past several months the question “when” Bleecker Bob’s will close has been floating around. According to Bleecker Bob’s Facebook page, that question has finally been answered:


looks like the new tenant has signed the lease. we’ve heard they want to be open by June 1. it will take probably around 2 months to get work permits for the massive remodeling job they’ll need to do so we’re figuring we should be open until May 2013!! —get ready for another chain of self serve yogurt/coffee/hot chocolate cafes NYC!!

In New York City’s ever changing architectural landscape, Bleecker Bob’s has stood in the heart of Greenwich Village for the past 30 some years.

But rent is going up, and the old school vinyl record store has had trouble keeping up with the new challenges.

“You adapt or die,” said Ski, a store manager at Bleecker Bob’s.

The store has not really changed over the last 30 years it’s like stepping into a time capsule. The wallpaper, hardwood floors, and even the cash register have not been altered since the first time it opened in 1968.

And while Ski states that there are many who grieve the impending shutdown of this “legendary” record shop, sentiments have not translated into sales despite attempts to use social media and other online methods.

“We are getting creative now, but it’s a little too late,” said Ski.

But, the store that employed rock legends such as Frank Zappa and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, will not just “die”.

The closing of Bleecker Bob’s doesn’t mean the end according to Ski. There are plans to move to another smaller location as a display store and move most of their services to their website.

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