Looking for Nostalgia in Bleecker Bob’s

By Nicole Gartside

In the ever-modernizing city that is New York, it seems that some residents are more nostalgic than modern. There’s not better place to find that pocket of New Yorkers than at Bleecker Bob’s. This record store hasn’t changed much in the 40 years since it first started. The store boasts an impressive collection of classic records and CD’s that line the walls all around the store’s packed interior. But with the revolution of online music, Bleeker Bob’s is being forced to close its doors.


Bleecker Bob’s has been a staple on 3rd street for years. The owner (Bob, of course) has brought in an admirable and unique collection of customers over the years, from famous artists like David Bowie and Madonna to cooky regulars. Back in the day, it was a hangout spot for many members of the music scene. “Nowadays, it’s more loitering than hanging out,” says Assistant Manager, Ski.

Ski has worked on and off at Bleecker Bob’s for seven and a half years. Just like the customers that shuffle in and out of the record store, Ski likes to remember the “good times” at Bleecker Bob’s. “The flavor, the ambiance, the whole independence,” he recalls of Bob’s years ago. He considers Bleecker Bob’s a service to the community. But unfortunately, it’s a service that the community has deemed no longer necessary.

Within the next few months, Bleecker Bob’s will close for good. Though there have been many individuals looking to help, calling the store and creating Facebook pages in hopes of saving it, Ski doesn’t think there’s much that can be done. In the advancing city that is New York, if a store can’t keep up the pace, it will get left behind.


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