Violin Virtuoso Joshua Bell to Perform at Carnegie Hall

by Stephanie Leontiev 


Courtesy: Joshua Bell’s publications. Joshua Bell is a world-renowned violinist currently on tour.

One of the world’s truest virtuosos descends upon the historic performance stage of Carnegie Hall on November 12th to astound the New York audience once again: violinist Joshua Bell will perform in recital as well as pianist Sam Haywood.

Critically acclaimed by Newsweek as “a true artist and intellectual whose music feeds both your brain and your heart”, Mr. Bell will undoubtedly deliver another spectacular performance and assert his status as a world-renowned musical prodigy. Even if Fur Elise is the extent of your childhood piano practice and “baby got Bach” doesn’t quite resonate, this is an evening that will surpass any preconceived expectations and will enlighten the tumultuous depths of your very being.

Director of Public Relations of Carnegie Hall, Synneve Carlino, says, “Since he made his debut almost 30 years ago, Joshua Bell has been a favorite of Carnegie Hall audiences.  Tuesday night’s recital is sure to be a highlight of Carnegie Hall’s season.  Concertgoers can expect to hear great masterworks of the violin, performed by one of the today’s top virtuosos. ”

The night will open with Tartini’s Violin Sonata in g minor known as “Devil’s Trill Sonata”, followed by Beethoven’s sonata in G Major, and Stravinsky’s Divertimento. Following pieces will be announced from stage as this promises to be an interactive performance between Mr. Bell and Mr. Haywood as they collaborate on a cohesive program to fuse their two instruments. As they engage the collaboration between the vocal sounds of the violin and the richly structured harmonies of the piano, one can expect a more personal experience from the intimate recital as opposed to the presence of an orchestral movement.

The program’s expected duration is around two hours including a twenty minute intermission—but be prepared for the series of encores and standing ovations.


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