Toys R Us’ “Wishin Accomplished” Campaign on Trend

-By Kari O’Hara

Toys R Us announced last week that it will be the next to join the “candid camera” advertising trend with their “Make all their Wishes Come True” marketing campaign this holiday season.

November and December are the most profitable, and most competitive time of year for toy stores. Instead of the old school tantrum method, Toys R Us is relying on kids to bring parents into the store by showing their appreciation—for the merchandise, that is.

The marketing campaign consists of Television ad where a bus full of kids on their way to a staged “Meet the Trees” fieldtrip, instead get taken to a Toys R Us store. GoPros and strategically placed cameras then follows the kids as they play with toys throughout the store.

These ads join the growing list of reality candid-camera style campaigns, in company with Swiffer’s commercials featuring 90 year old couple Lee and Morty, and Febreze’s “Breathe Happy” campaigns with blindfolded people in various smelly locations.

Though featuring “real people”’s “real reactions” is not entirely a new idea, there may be something to it. Forbes marketing contributor Jerry McLaughlin credits the Febreze ads with successfully dramatizing the problem their product can solve, and even attributes the brand’s 18.2% increase in sales to the campaign.

The clock is ticking, only fourty four shopping days left until Christmas. Only time will tell if  Toys R Us’  “real” kids can bring in real parents.


Courtesy of Toys R Us Inc.


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