Bowery Diner Brings You the Classic

By Duan Liu



Bowery Diner is a small restaurant that serves simple but tasty American cuisine.   It locates near the crossroad of Bowery Street and Prince Street, two blocks away from the Bowery train station. It is next to New Museum’s modern art exhibition building. But you would still easily miss its LED sign of “Diner” if you focus too much on walking against the wind in a cold New York’s morning.

Inside the restaurant, there is a bar which displays all kinds of bottles in the middle of the restaurant, separating two different areas for diners. In the area close to the street, customers can enjoy the bright sunshine coming through large windows. In the inside, the ambience is cozier with soft sofa and dimer lights.

Bowery Diner opens seven days a week from 8:00AM to 5:00AM. The place was relatively empty in the morning, giving a nice and clean environment to have brunch and catch up with friends. Bowery Diner provides very classic breakfast: eggs, bagels, pancakes and omelets. All the orders came with orange juice, coffee, or tea of one’s own choice. The veggie omelet had mushrooms, asparagus, and spinach in it. It came along with two slides of freshly toasted bread, fried potatoes, and a slide of orange. The omelet itself had a light taste which balanced the strong flavor of the salty fries. The toast with strawberry jam and orange left a fruity mouthfeel after the breakfast.

The service was good and on time. The waitress was friendly and accommodating. My cup was never empty. Although she spilled coffee and milk on my sweater as the tray accidentally slipped off her hand, other waiters came to help clean up and refill other empty cups immediately. The aroma of coffee still left on my clothes for the rest of the day, but that’s not too bad.  


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