Time Stands Still for Bowery Diner: A restaurant stuck in the 1950’s

By Yelin Christina Chung
 photo 1.jpgThe storefront with its crimson neon sign.
The Bowery Diner, located at 241 Bowery, sits patiently among the ever-changing buildings and shops of the Restaurant Supply District. The ambiance and decor immediately whisks customers to the 1950’s–with dim lighting, vinyl-leather booths, and a jukebox in the corner, the mind does not have to venture far to be transported.
The menu for food is about an entire page, and on the opposite side there is an assortment of various cocktails with witty names–a nod to the beautiful full bar to the left of the restaurant.
 photo 2.jpg
Coffee with cream & sugar.
As for the food itself, the coffee (above) is strong, and comes with a pitcher of cream and various sweeteners. The Belgian Waffles ($12.00) comes with chocolate sauce, frozen custard, and two strips of bacon–a unique attempt of sweet and salty. However, the chocolate sauce atop the frozen custard, maple syrup and fluffy waffles makes it overtly sweet, and the bacon does little to combat the sugary dish.
The lunchtime menu offers sandwiches, burgers and salads ranging from $9-$19, and dinner comes with an even larger selection of entrees like steak and mussels, all starting around $15 and going upwards in price. All menus come with an offering of various milkshakes as well.
 photo 3-1.jpg
The Belgian Waffle.
The service is not incredibly impeccable–a waitress accidentally spilled cream on one of her customers while serving coffee–however, the main male waiter is alert and adept at bringing and clearing dishes, as well as refilling glasses.
Inside, self-advertising has been taken full advantage of — the name of the diner is nearly everywhere: from the glossy finishing of the sugar packet to the shirts of the waitstaff. All in all, The Bowery Diner is a poignant reminder of classical Americanism–from the jukebox to the milkshakes, and has decent food at a decent price.
 photo 4.jpg
Typical booth. Handwritten specials on chalkboard.

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