Bowery Diner: Crispy But Not Burnt

By Janah Campbell


After a while, all diners seem the same. However, once you step foot into the Bowery Diner, your mind is subject to change. This is not your average diner. A hot spot for breakfast, and then some, the Bowery Diner gives off a nostalgic feel of the late forties. Neon clocks, a jukebox, classic music, and stainless steel aluminum decor are much to blame. Once cozied into a booth, or in my case, a chair and a table for 15 due to the accompaniment of my entire journalism class, a glimpse at the Bowery Diner menu shows this diner has something for everyone. Everything from breakfast basics like eggs and oatmeal to cream filled french toast, shows up on the menu. As far as breakfast prices, $2.75 to $16 is what your looking at with this diner. Although I’m not much of a breakfast person, I would definitely go for the belgian waffles on one of my more adventurous days. This time, I stuck to a simple cup of tea, rye toast, and shared a bite of their delicious hash browns with a classmate. The hash browns were cooked to perfection. Crisp on the outsides, but soft and warm on the insides, with lots of flavor. As a fan of toast that is crispy, but not burnt, Bowery met my demands without much direction. It was like they knew me or something!

However, not everything is picture perfect at this diner. In fact, they make mistakes too! While waiting for the food to come out, the waitress served the class their never ending orders of coffee. While doing so, she managed to spill a cup of it all over my classmate. After naturally spewing out a few curse words, she apologized for what she had done. It was a total accident, and luckily no one was hurt or burned, therefore it served for great entertainment. Did I mention, this is not your average diner? Aside from that, I’d say this diner is recommendable, and I would defiantly go back. Between the classic forties nostalgia, delicious food, and harmlessly funny spur of the moment entertainment, this diner has proven itself to be one of Manhattan’s hidden treasures!


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