Bowery Diner Restaurant Review: The Diner for an eclectic crowd

By: Rayna Aivazoglou

Wedged between adjacent, grayish art venues and graffiti stained walls on Bowery Street, another potential New York City Gem, the Bowery Diner, glows fierce with color and style. The neon red hues, illuminating from the 1950 emulated “Diner” sign out front, may draw people in who crave good ‘ole milkshakes and fries. Yet, quickly realize what Belgian chef, Mathiew Palombino brings to the table, a creative and eclectic spin to traditional diner food… and décor.


Within steps of the diner, the ambiance is widely entertaining— it fuses a blast from the past, 1920’s Americana, with present day. From vinyl burgundy booths and old 80’s tunes flowing softly out of the nonfunctioning jukebox, wedged in the front corner, to stainless steel counter tops and the large oyster raw bar, offering a wide array of lobsters. But the diner’s eclectic theme doesn’t fall short at the decor– it’s menu embodies variety too. At it’s dictionary length, the four page menu offers food for any age and many cultures: It offers classic diner favorites like American egg white omelets with a side of home fries, French inspired escargot-style steamed whelks and even Korean classical Kimichi sandwiches.


Whether it’s a Monday and you need just a cup of coffee with some fresh cut fruit, or a late weekend night the diner welcomes young and old with something to satisfy the appetite. Perhaps you don’t feel like leaving the house but still crave the diner’s pepper steak ($32), the diner has a quick and convenient home delivery service right to your door.


Although, I would have liked to try the hot lobster bun sandwich ($19), it seemed a bit early for that and chose a veggie omelet with a side of potatoes and toast instead. The fresh and fluffy omelet, stuffed with tender mushrooms, hearty scallions and just hint of parsley, was definitely no disappointment. The potatoes were nothing special, I must say, and incredibly greasy. 5 stars to the Butterfinger Milkshake ($8.50) however, that will definitely make your run back from round two! The thick chunks of crushed chocolate pieces got my taste buds singing! Who doesn’t deserve a milkshake from time to time!


Sometimes every one can use a break from the hustle-bustle of the New York streets. Whether it’s a hearty dinner or just quick snack you crave, the Bowery Diner may have something to satisfy your cravings.


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