No Good Morning Hand Hugs?

By Janah Campbell



Part One: The Day Without Technology

Every morning I sing to her, a song called “Wake Up,” but not this morning. I thought nothing of it, for I understand that she needs her sleep, but when she opened her eyes, she didn’t give me a hand hug either. I started to think something was wrong with her, because I knew I was working just fine. She charged me and left me on silent, which she normally does, but ignoring me for more than five minutes after she awakes never happens.

Her mother walked in, and then I heard her say something very strange. “If you try to reach me today and I don’t pick up, don’t worry…I can’t use any technology today,” she said. Her mother said “why not?” “I have to do an assignment for class, and I’m not allowed to use technology for a whole day, or at least I have to try not to,” she said. This can’t be reality. Janah? Go a whole day without using me? HA! That girl can’t go a fifteen minutes without me, how is she going to last a whole day. I took it as a joke. I know my value, and I know she NEEDS ME. I consume her life. Her mother wished her good luck, and left for work, or at least that’s where I think she went. I can’t believe this is happening. I don’t think she will last, but now she is off to the shower…

As the minutes passed, followed by hours, she ignored me. Not only me, she ignored the television, and the laptop too! I would say she ignored the ipad, but she hasn’t touched that thing in months. I hear something…she’s singing. I guess this is her distraction from thinking about me, and she’s singing Beyonce songs. That isn’t too shocking; that girl loves Beyonce. Oh, wait, she’s coming toward me! She picked me up, and took me downstairs, but didn’t even look at me! Is this some kind of joke? If she is trying to tease me she is doing a very good job at it! It’s like she wants to bring me wherever she goes so I can watch her live her life without me. Is she trying to prove a point? I’m watching her eat, while I sit on the couch, all the way across the room. I wish she would pay attention to me, and see the dog is licking me, but at least someone is giving me love today. I mean, I’m ringing and she’s doesn’t even know it, because she can’t hear me! However, she is done eating, and now she is putting me in her pocket. Oh joy, we are going to take the dogs on a walk. Why do I need to go on this walk, if she isn’t even going to use me! She always uses me to snap photos of her dogs on walks, and now I’m blinded in her pocket. I think my day is going a lot worse than hers.

When we got back from the walk, she started writing something. I wish she would use me to write like she always does, but this time it was different. She wrote forever, then she read, cleaned, and did laundry. Seems like she is getting a lot done, and it’s night time now. We are getting back into bed. I hope tomorrow is a lot different…


Part Two: The Day After The Day Without Technology

My Review


The day without technology wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I chose to do it on a day I was doing absolutely nothing, so I could stay home, and not have to worry about traveling place to place, because I know that’s usually when I use my technology the most. There were plenty of things to do in my house such as cleaning, laundry and things like that. I also had tons of homework to do so I was able to get some reading done, along with writing. I usually do all my writing on my laptop, but I didn’t mind going the pen and paper route that day. I used to love using pen and paper, until I came to NYU, and realized my hands don’t more faster than my fingers do, so I succumbed to a laptop, but I love my laptop. I did miss my phone A LOT. I use my phone about a million times throughout the day, checking instagram, twitter, texting, etc. At the beginning of the day I always wake up first thing in the morning, and turn my alarm off on my phone, but I didn’t use an alarm because I couldn’t, which is also why I chose a day I didn’t have to go anywhere. After that I usually check my social media right away, so it was very weird not being able to do that. I stared at my walls for a little while, and embraced being able to do nothing for a change. When my mom walked in and asked me about it I knew she wouldn’t like the idea only because she is always checking up on me to make sure I’m okay, but she felt more comfortable knowing I was staying home and doing this project. Today, she was shocked that I pulled it off because she knows how into my social media I am and texting as well. I feel like if I would’ve done this in high school it would’ve been a lot harder, but I actually didn’t mind the day without technology so much. I shocked myself, and my mom too. I thought it would be a lot harder than it was, but I did it! However, I probably wouldn’t do it again, only because I realized how big of a deal technology is to life now, and although it was semi-nice for a day, the feeling of being disconnected to the world isn’t fun. I would definitely run out of non-technological things to do for sure…


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