News Release: Sequestration and Military Budget Cuts

By: Sam Senini

The Bipartisan Policy Center reports in the coming decade, known as the sequester, nearly $1 trillion will be reduced from defense funding. The Pentagon has already subtracted $39 billion from Department of Defense leading to employee layoffs and military training reduction in the year 2013.


(The sequestration budget cuts will continue to hurt national security in the coming years)

According to Colonel Robert J. Senini of the Marine Corps, “The cuts will weaken the overall preparedness of our standing army- a standing army that we need at critical times, for example immediately after the 9/11 crisis.” The sequestration budget cuts began March 1 2013 when the White House and Congress failed to come to agreement on a plan to solve the nation’s long-term debt. Several federal agencies found spare funds to help them weather the automatic cuts in the 2013 budget year, but the money has long been spent.

Now with the second round of sequestration budget cuts fast approaching in 2014, the Department of Defense must prepare for an estimated $52 billion dollar reduction.  The drastic measures will reduce the military’s fighting forces by an estimated 50 percent by the year 2021. What does this mean for the Department of Defense in the coming months? Due to congressional budget cuts, the United States Military will impose civilian layoffs, recruitment suspension, and promotional holds beginning in January of the 2014 fiscal year.


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