The Bowery Diner

By: Sam Senini


You would not pick up on the retro flair of the Bowery Diner by simply strolling by. Yet upon entering you are surrounded by the distinct teal color of the 1950’s and spot the jukebox in the righthand corner, getting a taste of nostalgia before you even check out the menu.

The cute if not cliche get-up is home to a very standard American diner, with all your favorite breakfast foods from waffles to veggie omelets. My Eggs Benedict was nothing to write home about, but was decently priced and well-proportioned.

The service on the other hand was surprising warm. I mean that in the most literal sense as our fluster waitress managed to spill a bit of hot coffee on one of my peers sitting across from me. But if you can recover from that you deserve some bonus points in my books as the waitress did, returning soon with a new cup of presumably complimentary coffee for her customer. I judge the food came out rather quickly for a non-morning person like myself lacked the spare idle time to doze off before the plates of food filled the table.


While the decor and meal was homey the diner is a little to far from homey for it become anyones regular spot. The well-worn menus read too much like those in the endless amount of other diners that line the streets of the city. And if your main clientele is the starving tourist and the hungover night owl passing by, than a diner’s food must be something extra-ordinary to get a wide spread group of returning customers. That being said if I find myself in the vicinity again I wouldn’t hesitate to stop by for some good ole’ American food. Or maybe just to play an oldies tune on that novel juke-box.


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