Riverpark: The Farm and Restaurant Overseeing the East River

By Wendy (Tzu-Shu) Shyu


Zachery Pickens is the farm manager at the Riverpark Farm, who works full-time taking care of the growth of the plants. “It’s not easy, [which] is the exciting part: it was a problem that needed a creative solution,” said Pickens on urban farming.


The East Tower of the Alexandria Center for Life Science, where the restaurant is located. The Alexandria Center is the partner of Riverpark that owns the land of the farm.



The Riverpark Farm grows plants that usually take up less space or are harder to find in the market, a distinguishable trait for urban farms. Lovage is one of the less common microgreens grown in the Riverpark Farm.



The interior design not only allows natural light to add to the brightness of the restaurant, but also the customers to enjoy the magnificent view of the East River. Including the outdoor seating, the restaurant can accommodate almost 200 people.



In the milk crates grow green garlic in the back, French breakfast radish on the right, and golden peas on the left, which can be seen in dishes at the Riverpark Restaurant. The menu at the restaurant changes seasonally, depending on the plants growing in the farm and sold at the Farmer’s Market.


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